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Skin aging is at the crossroads of many factors including especially genetics, hormonal decline, photo-aging, oxidation, risky behaviour...

At the heart of these processes, glycation is the mechanism that leads to faster aging and complications of aging.

Glycation is a chemical reaction resulting from sugars attaching to proteins. Glycation occurs throughout the body and generates AGEs (Advanced Glycation Endproducts) one of the major causes of aging.

In the dermis, elastin and collagen are the most affected by glycation. They are progressively rigidified by the attachment of sugars.

Glycation is directly involved in numerous signs of skin aging (sagging skin, pigmentation disorders, problems healing...).

Glycation progresses in a linear way over a lifetime and can lead to premature aging and complications of aging.

The organism has no self defence system to fight against glycation.

The consequences of glycation can be controlled by adopting a healthy lifestyle (avoiding sun exposure, tobacco, alcohol, browned and sugary foods).

The use of antiglycant ingredients helps to prevent the glycation reaction. Except to use them in large quantities over long periods, their effectiveness is poor on slow renewal proteins aging as those of the skin.

Discovered in the early 2000s, the deglycating molecules are a major advance in the ability to control the signs of aging related to glycation. By breaking the proteins links glycated by aging, they give back them their original features.

Nacriderm AGE BREAKER, formulated with a Rosmarinic acid molecular fraction is the first anti aging program using deglycating molecules available on the market. To be continued...